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From the Cast: Waiting for the Sun


Camron Rodrigues

Name: Camron Rodrigues

Character: The Boy and the Voice of Reason

Profession: Elementary school student

What is your favorite line from the play: “When I get to say butt. Like this kind of butt [points]. Like booty kind of butt.”



Keegan McCabe Hense

Name: Keegan McCabe Hense

Character: The prisoner/dead man

Profession: Ayahuasca ceremony leader

If the play was a band, who would be in it? “Oh. Well, we’ll have Ringo, Bjork, and a little bit of Tom Waits. I’m not exactly sure why, but those are the ones that came to my mind.”



Josh Stover

Name: Josh Stover

Character: The officer

Profession: Barista

If you had to describe the play the way that people describe wine, how would you describe it? “Hmm…fruity? It has an earthy undertaste, and there are lots of tannins swirling in there. [laughing] You know, I was a waiter, but I was never good at wine description. But, earthy and fruity. Fresh off the vine.”


Amanda Hass

Name: Amanda Hass

Character: Scientist #2

Profession: Law student

How are you the most like your character in the play? “I’m studying law right now, so I’m being very studious, and I have to have a lot of attention to detail. Scientist #2 is not sure that she wants to be a scientist and wants to have a more active role. That’s what I want to do with law. I want to use it to help, not just study it.”



Jean-Mark Sens

Name: Jean-Mark Sens

Character: Scientist #1

Profession: Poet and chef

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened in rehearsals? “It actually happened the first day. The person in charge came late, and then after that she never came again. She bailed out. She was supposed to be in charge, but she just left. Luckily, though, that happened early.”


Kelle Ory

Name: Kelle Ory

Character: Anne

Profession: Writer and horseback riding instructor

What’s something you’ve learned about yourself by doing this play? “I’ve learned to knit. I knew how to crochet, but my character knits, so I had to learn. I was memorizing my lines while listening to instructional videos on YouTube.”



Tyler Thurman

Name: Tyler Thurman

Character: Jailer

Profession: Marine and stand-up comedian

What will you miss the most when the performance is over? “Getting to drag people around in chains. It’s really awesome. It’s like having a pet, but it’s a person. The prisoner [Keegan] is one of my best friends. I spend so much time with him and he’s my buddy, and we have fun even though I have him wrapped up in chains. We don’t let that put a damper on our friendship.”


Cherrae L. Stuart

Name: Cherrae L. Stuart

Character: Mum

Profession: Actor and Mardi Gras props creator

What word is said the most often in the play? “Either ‘I me’ or ‘ee.’ Sometimes there’s an apostrophe before the two e’s, and sometimes there’s an apostrophe after the two e’s. It’s this non-descript exclamation that means you or you guy or you person. It’s definitely up for interpretation.”


Blake Smith Bertuccelli

Name: Blake Smith Bertuccelli

Profession: Writer

What would William Blake or Copernicus say upon seeing Waiting for the Sun? “Copernicus would take issue with a sun that only rises once a lifetime. William Blake would probably want more singing.”


Waiting for the Sun takes place in a dream-like land where the sun is rarely seen. The eight characters in the play all fall into step with one another as they wait for a sun that perhaps will never be seen. The play will be debuting at 918 St. Mary Street on November 6th and 7th. The play will begin at 7:00 PM. To purchase tickets, go to, and you can find out more information about Waiting for the Sun on their Facebook page.



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