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Playlist: Great gore from a member of the ‘Scream’ team

Skyler Samuels in the Fox series 'Scream Queens'

Skyler Samuels in the Fox series ‘Scream Queens’

Today’s Playlist comes from Kenneth Kynt Bryan, New Orleans dancer, singer, actor and founder of Flashmob New Orleans, a local dance company that brings Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ to the masses every Halloween. His latest screen gig, he says, was a scream — catch him in the new Fox series Scream Queens, making its debut on Tuesday, Sept. 22, on the FOX Network.

Kenneth Kynt Bryan

Kenneth Kynt Bryan

Scream Queens, filmed in New Orleans, is a phenomenal new horror comedy that features an A List roster of some of the most recognizable actors in the business. As a New Orleanian, being a part of a hillariosly funny TV show with such great talent is truly a blessing. I mean, you have Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, KeKe Palmer, Nick Jonas, Nicey Nash, Ariana Grande …. need I say more? And who wouldn’t love a new series about self-absorbed sorority girls and murder!

Working with Emma Roberts was a dream come true. As with American Horror Story and Glee, you can expect some seriously epic moments that I’m sure will keep your attention for years to come. I play a transgendered female named Maria. The rest you will have to watch.

Meanwhile, here are a baker’s dozen of my favorite horror films — stock up before Halloween.

1. Jeeper’s Creeper’s
Jeeper’s Creeper’s, where’d you get those peepers? Really a freaky shindig here. You have the amazing Justin Long battling it out with the most peculiar savage winged monster that collects human skin and bones. Literally CREEPY!

2. Salem’s Lot
Oh my god! I remember watching Salem’s Lot as a child. The misty fog and mysterious kids flying outside the window asking the kid inside the house to open the window had me at the edge of my seat.

3. Poltergist
It was something about the little long-haired blonde girl and the way the house just came to life. I guess it’s like the first paranormal activity, because of the fact that they built their house on top of a burial site. This film particularly bothered me because of all of the real-life deaths of actors surrounding the production.

4. The Exorcist
Wow… Linda Blair. All I can say is that scene when the priest is trying to expel the demon from her body and her head literally spins around in a full circle sends chills down my spine. The rocking bed, windows breaking, holy water, and her trembling convulsions are all classic.

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts

5. Friday The 13th
That mask, the crazy mama, and oblivious camp counselors make this movie cinematic history. I still think about running from Jason Voorhes.

6. The Ring
Just the thought of that little frightening-looking girl in black and white crawling like mutilated animal fodder through the television was enough to hook me. Not to mention that bottomless well. The cinematography is sweet.

7. Interview with A Vampire
Come on, are you kidding me? Ann Rice, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and the debut of little Kirsten Dunce, filmed in New Orleans. Vampires, blood sucking, light homo eroticism, mysterious nuances, and gorgeous makeup. What’s not to love?

8. The Silence of The Lambs
Hannibal — whoa. Anthony Hopkins …. Anthony Hopkins…. I’m always entranced by his delivery of the word CLARICE. I really thought that man actually ate people.

9. A Nightmare On Elm Street
Wes Craven was a master of gore and horror fantasy. I used to be addicted to a television show called V when I was a teen. The show was about lizard-like aliens who looked liked humans and who came to Earth in peace, but ultimately wanted to use humans as their food supply. That’s the first time I saw Robert Englund fighting as an innocent resistance fighter, but when I saw him as Freddy Kreuger I was scared sh–less. The idea that he could go into your dreams and torture you and kill you in real life in some of the wildest ways was prolific.

10. Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Laugh-out-loud scary funny documentary bible for everything you shouldn’t do if someone is trying to murder you with a chain saw.

11. Rosemary’s Baby
I will never forget when they were trying to give Rosemary an abortion, with a hanger, I think. That was gruesome. It was sort of like watching a brain-washed community of devil worshipers.

12. Rocky Horror Picture Show
I love the songs in Rocky Horror Picture Show. It’s like Halloween meets Cabaret as Raul Julia, a trendsetter, gender bends and pushes the envelope of sexuality while having a ghastly frightening time in Transylvania. He made men in lipstick and stockings sexy.

13. Michael Jackson’s Thriller Music Video
Each year for the past three years I have celebrated the Thriller music video in flash-mob form. I love the make-up, choreography, concept, and  it’s truly the ultimate visual for a music video. Steven Spielberg and Michael Jackson created a masterpiece that will live and breathe until the end of time. The video features the voice of the legendary Vincent Price, ghostly ghouls, and break-dancing zombies twerking to Michael Jackson’s unforgettable anthem.


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