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Katrina oral history series: Carol Butcher

Carol Butcher

Carol Butcher (Photo: Carol Butcher)

From the journal of Carol Butcher:

Wednesday, August 31 9:15 a.m.

My hand shakes as I try to write. Conditions on the outside have worsened. The seventeenth street canal levee has a two-block long breach in it, and the lake is now pouring into the city. It will continue to do so until all the water finds its natural level. Yesterday we were told that our house was still dry, but now who knows. It’s no longer a priority because we are now at war with the elements.

Our living conditions are still fine at the moment. The hospital is managing to feed us, and we even had a few hours of power after dark last night. We spent the day napping and walking around, visiting with our fellow inmates. I find that I can no longer watch T.V. or listen to the radio, as there is no encouraging news, and I’m fighting to remain calm and upbeat.

This is our 9/11. Our Tsunami. So where is everyone?

Carol Butcher’s full story as well as S.L. Alexander’s full story will be airing on Tuesday, August 25th from 12:30-1:00 P.M. on WRBH, 88.3 F.M. The Oral History Project is an ongoing series, and in honor of the 10 year anniversary of Katrina, they will be highlighting personal stories from New Orleanians. If you miss the live broadcast, you can find recordings of the full stories on WRBH’s SoundCloud page. Check WRBH’s full schedule by visiting their calendar.



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