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UNO documentary: Gretchen Zalkind and NOLA Time Bank

What:  NOLA Time Bank, helps New Orleanians  swap services with other community members and groups. Dissimilar to standard hourly wages that vary from task to task, field to field, value at NOLA Time Bank is entirely time-based; one hour of work entitles members to one hour of any service from another member. The thought behind the reciprocal system is that through mutual aid, the time bank will essentially strengthen community ties.

Film by: UNO student and filmmaker James Williams

Editor’s Note: NolaVie partners with students of UNO professor László Zsolt Fülöppairing them with artists, non-profits, environmental groups, and cultural entities to facilitate a live curriculum that results in a short documentary. James Williams, a film student in the Department of Film and Theatre at the University of New Orleans, speaks with Zalkind, as well as NOLA Time Bank members about the unique exchange system.


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