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Rie Ma’s ‘don’t miss’ New Orleans restaurants

Located in the center of New Orleans, Hollygrove Market functions as an urban farm, local produce market and community garden that is bolstering local and sustainable eating in the Crescent City, while simultaneously providing underserved New Orleans communities with fresh, affordable produce.

My House NOLA recently spoke with Hollygrove Communications & Outreach Specialist Rie Ma about the Market’s mission, Ma’s interest in food justice and the differences between food communities in New Orleans and Ma’s former Brooklyn neighborhood. Although Ma says NOLA could use more Chinese restaurants, she admits the city has an abundance of fantastic eateries. Below she has rounded a few of her “don’t miss” local places to grab a bite. 

Hollygrove Market communications and community outreach specialist Rie Ma reveals the contents of her home refrigerator.

Hollygrove Market communications and community outreach specialist Rie Ma reveals the contents of her home refrigerator.

Taqueria Guerrero is my favorite Mexican food place in town, partly due to this amazing spicy green sauce they have. I always have to get extra, and sometimes I go just to buy that for my own kitchen (they always laugh at me). It’s pretty straightforward and unpretentious, so not a destination for “fusion” seekers, but it’s very good and solidly what it is.

• I have admittedly only been to District Sliders and Brew once, because I don’t make it out on Magazine too often, but the one time I was there, I had a mind-blowing Monte Cristo sandwich served ON A DONUT. I’m not really a donut person, but even so I love their array of flavors. Definitely a more innovative take on a donut and coffee shop. Also, waffle fries with cheese sauce.

Fat Falafel is on my list because I would credit it with taking me from thinking “eh” about falafel to “yes.” It was always a fine vegetarian option but never my pick, but I would order their falafel instead of meat. (I don’t usually do that.)

• As I mentioned before, I haven’t tried much of the pie, but Noodle and Pies noodles were outstanding. I don’t know if what I ordered is still on the menu, but I’d happily recommend just going with the House Bowl and trusting in your noodle chef.

Twelve Mile Limit is one of my all-time favorite establishments of any kind. They have a wonderful menu with the most absurd loaded tots known to humankind, a brilliant build-your-own style brunch menu, and the kitchen turns out free food every Monday night. Combined with the best cocktails this side of Heaven/Hell, and yes, this is my favorite place to spend money.


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