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Gallery: Inside House of Shock


Halloween week is just around the corner and while the superstitious among us double-check their locks at night, the House of Shock‘s gates are about to swing wide open for its final year. Recently, NolaVie was lucky enough to join House of Shock’s art director, David Carry, on a tour through its twelve spooky sections — including a funeral parlor, a walk through the sewers  and the horror show’s classic Church of Satanists, each housing elaborate, horrifying, and fascinating sets.

Despite the fact that the guided tour took place on a sunny Thursday afternoon with no special effects or costumed volunteers to be found, on assignment for NolaVie, I  found myself lost one (or three) times and adamantly confirm that I will probably never be able to complete the trial by myself. However, I strongly recommend the experience to brave souls and/or anyone looking for some serious fright this Halloween.

To learn more about the House of Shock’s 22-year history, you can read NolaVie’s interview with House of Shock creators Jay Gracianette and Ross Karpelman here.


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