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VIDEO PREMIERE: Sundog – ‘Something Better’



Over the past few years, Sundog, the spaceman with otherworldly instruments and a human soul, made a name for himself in NOLA through a series of shows that featured one man producing more musical sounds than most bands generate. The secret behind Sundog’s prodigious sound output is his looping pedal, an effect that allows him to play a few bars of an instrument and then “loop” those bars indefinitely while he adds layers of other instruments on top. But Sundog is more than a set of party tricks. Thanks to his top-notch songwriting, the musician never runs the risk of relying on gimmicks and instead delivers an inviting mix of acoustic soul, hip-hop beats, funky bass grooves and exceptionally smooth vocals.

The musician’s brand new video gives viewer’s a behind the sound glimpse of Sundog’s bag of tricks.

“I felt like the looping aspect of what I do is a big part of how people enjoy the songs and I wanted to share how I do my thing on stage through these videos,” Sundog explains. “If I go out and watch someone [that plays with loops] like Reggie Watts, Netherfriends, or TuneYards, it really seems like magic, even though I’m pretty familiar with the tools they’re using to make it happen.”

The featured song is called “Something Better” and features bass and ukulele riffs that float atop a bouncy beat taken straight from an intergalactic dance club. You can view the exclusive premiere of the video below:


Sundog relocated to the strange planet, formally known as New England, earlier this year where he has been warmly received by the natives.

“There’s a ton of support for the indie scene up there, with a lot more experimental and electronic music than in New Orleans,” he says. But he hasn’t forgotten that city that he first crash landed in. “NOLA is definitely on the map for me, and I’m super excited to play the Community Records Block Party this weekend.” Sundog takes the stage this Saturday at 5:30 for his first show back in the city since moving up North. “I’m coming up with a really dynamic and interesting set and people should expect to see Sundog bust out new tricks.”

As much as he looks forward to this homecoming show, Sundog is just as excited to hear some of the other bands playing the block party. “I checked it out last year and it’s just such good energy and people. Bands like All People, Sirens and New Lands are going to rock people’s worlds. Plus having it at the Carver Theatre this year will add a whole new layer to the experience.”

The Community Records Block Party features some of the best alternative music in the city on two stages from 12:30 PM – 1:00 AM. Tickets are a steal at $17 advance and $20 at the door. Sundog describes the event in simple human terms: “Rhythms. Melodies. Sweat. Pizza. So Good.”

Sundog plays the Community Records Block Party at 5:30 PM this Saturday at the Carver Theatre (2101 Orleans Ave). Check out Sundog’s official site for more live videos and tour dates, and stream Sundog’s excellent new album, Space Criminal, below.

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