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Viewfinder: HalloweeNOLA

The first half of October has passed us by, meaning we’re just a couple of weeks away from the spookiest time of the year: Halloween. And, as always, New Orleanians have outdone themselves in terms of putting on an appropriately magnificent party.

Halloween decorations on the yards, gates, and stoops of houses vary from the nonexistent to the truly outrageous. While Halloween certainly hasn’t taken over every doorstep, many of the wrought-iron fences have collected white strands of webbing as elegant yet inexpensive homages to the holiday. Other houses have more extensive displays: pumpkins, spiders, maybe a ghoul or two.

Then there’s the house on St. Charles Avenue with three dozen elaborately posed pun skeletons in the front yard.

So even if you aren’t up for a night—or month—of creepy decorations, sinister scares, and wild encounters with the supernatural, don’t worry about it; there are plenty of people out there who are more than happy to do your share of the partying for you.


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