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AUDIO: The Pick: Big History’s music mixtape

You love a band and you love their music, but don’t you wish you could know the music the band loves? Hey, ya. “The Pick” is NolaVie’s new guest music mixtape series, in which local bands and musicians share their favorite jams either of the moment or the of-all-time variety. We’re psyched to kick off this series with the soul/electronic/pop six piece Big History. Vocalist Meg Roussel chooses when to float over and when to storm through the group’s instruments, both physical and virtual, that results in something you can dance to, something you can sing in the shower to, and something for the subway commute … if there was a subway commute.

Each band member chose two tracks up their current alleys — read through and find out why they love what they love, and listen to all the songs here:

Meg’s Picks

1. “Fitzpleasure” – Alt-J

We generally spend about three-quarters of our writing/demo recording time watching [mostly] crap on YouTube, but it was during one of these sessions that Matt & Blandon introduced me to Alt-J. Months later and I’m still completely obsessed with the entire album (An Awesome Wave), but this track in particular just makes me want to go berserk every time I hear it.

 2. “He War” – Cat Power

I wanted to pick an all-time favorite but OHMYGOD that’s impossible. So I just went for one that’s a “personal classic,” one of the first songs I put on for the first leg of a road trip kind of a song. Also a bit of a berserker.

 Amanda’s Picks

 3. “Requiem” -Lily and the Parlour Tricks

Catchy beats with lady harmonies, of course I love it. And then I realized that I went to college with the bass player who used to be in the Loyno band Jack Rabbit Slim. Small worlds everywhere.

4. “Jealous” – Beyoncé

…but also “Single Ladies,” and “Run the World (Girls)”, because those were also performed at the Superdome and are now stuck in my head. Forever.

After seeing her singing, dancing, acting, costume-changing performance, I really cannot help but admire Queen Bey.

Blandon’s Picks

5. “You For Me” – Frankie Rose

I love this song because it’s simple, yet still powerful…which is the perfect recipe for an album opener.  She also has an incredible voice and writes some of the best vocal melodies that I’ve heard in a very long time.  This will definitely be an influence on whatever my next project is.

6. “Seasons (Waiting On You)” – Future Islands

My favorite song and band of 2014.  Not only does Samuel T. Herring have the coolest name ever, but he’s by far the best front man since Freddie Mercury.  Everything about this track is beautiful, including the video.  So stoked to see these guys blowing up this year.

*Editor’s note: we included the live version of this song on Letterman, because the dance moves are like nothing else. The real video’s good, too.

Cory’s Picks

7. “Set the Course of the Nile” – Jupiter

I was in the bathroom in the Chicago O’Hare airport some 3 years ago and heard some sweet tunage coming over the speakers. I would normally expect some cheesy elevator electro-jazz in this particular scenario, but instead I whipped out my Shazam app and discovered a neat two piece that I otherwise would have never heard of.

8. “Beijing” – Patrick Watson

While on tour with a previous band of mine at CMJ festival in New York City, I was advised by a comrade to go see Patrick Watson live at the Mercury Lounge — a stage I had the pleasure of previously playing on on a few occasions. Not only did he instantly become one of my favorites, but never before had I heard a performance or record that sounded so close to a movie soundtrack.

Matt’s Picks

9. “Murmurs” – Hundred Waters

I love this band. There’s a lot of restraint going on. No big choruses, just really a perfect song.

10. “Are We Arc” – Trust

A great industrial/goth tune on one of my favorite records to come out recently. Not as rigid as most industrial stuff, it has a slightly messy element that really does something interesting.

*Check back for another guest mixtape soon, and tell us on Twitter (@Nolavie) who you want to hear from using hashtag #thepickmixtape !


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