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Our favorite NOLAConfessions

The Twittersphere blew up yesterday when Geoff Gauchet, guest tweeting this week at BeingNOLA, sent out a request for #NOLAConfessions. Plenty of New Orleanians unburdened themselves, publically, and the topic trended nationally. As a next-day recap, we offer a baker’s dozen of our favorite NOLAConfessions, culled from Wednesday’s soul-searching.

Geoff Cauchet started a Twitter avalanache of chest-baring

Geoff Gauchet started a Twitter avalanche of chest-baring

  1. I pronounce the Greek muses street names correctly. (Mrs. Zombie Bomb)
  2. I show up on time or early for everything and consequently spend a lot of time alone. (James Cullen)
  3. We never bought furniture from Rosenbergs. (Bonnie Parker)
  4. I know Chris Owens’ age. (James Karst)
  5. I know where I got my shoes. (Enoezark 13)
  6. I hate that damn blue dog. (Shai Interruptus)
  7. Bobby Hebert makes me want to club a baby seal. (Jonathan Christensen)
  8. I really don’t care where you went to high school, but I will totally judge you based on that fact. (Nuwanda P. Coltrane)
  9. I’m still using the Irish Spring I caught at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. (Alexios Moore)
  10. I make left turns on Tulane Ave. all the time. (Campus Connection)
  11. I thought “Treme” was boring. (re)becca)
  12. I feel like traditional jazz bands are all playing the same song, forever. (Ryan Sparks)
  13. Each night, I wait for sunset, then get out my jackhammer and carry it to Lakeview to make potholes while everyone sleeps. (StevensBriens)


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