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Instajournal: Reinventing the wheel

Despite our potholes; our abrupt, yet torrential rainstorms; our uneven sidewalk pavement; our infernal summer heat — cycling movements in New Orleans have gained tremendous momentum in the past few years. From bike sharing to social rides to cycling second lines — cycling has become a wonderfully infectious epidemic in our city.

Certainly, about their cyclers, bicycles tend to imply “I’m sporty,” “I’m eco-friendly,” and — in New Orleans — “I’m fed up with the Indiana Jones Disney ride that is the pavement on my street.” However, this ain’t no Pleasantville. Like New Orleans store signs and residents’ “No Trespassing” warnings, bicycles are not by any means a homogenous mixture. They’re adorned with flowers, stacked with beads, coated in glitter. Thus, the quirky ornamentation of NOLA bicycles reveals some insight into the bikes’ respective riders:


“NOLA ’til I die.”



“Where can I buy a set of matching ponchos for myself and my ten closest friends?”



“I would prefer not to; I’m in the middle of Bartleby.”



“Pinterest and my hot glue gun have taken over my life.”



“When I clap my hands once, all eyes on me.”



“If you invite me on a hike, I will wear uncomfortable pumps and complain the entire time.”



“My street is an obstacle course I never win.”



“I don’t like alone time or personal space.”


“I live in my parent’s converted attic. It’s cool though — my mom does my laundry and brings me Bagel Bites whenever I want.”



“I played with Barbies until I was 13…16…24…Okay, fine, I still dress them up every night before I go to bed.”

Stay tuned for a monthly NolaVie bicycle column from several local cycling enthusiasts, beginning this summer.


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