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A psychic medium and relationship guru on romance

Psychic Cari Roy

Psychic Cari Roy

For this single gal, the approach of Valentine’s Day tends to directly correlate to online shopping purchases, cat adoption inquiries and Rally’s combo meals. This year is especially rough, with a recent Tinder jerk swiftly ending things due to what I can only perceive as too much texting on my end and not enough interest on his (sometimes I seriously hate my generation).  Whatever, at least my new cat will love me.

Luckily, meeting New Orleans-based psychic Cari Roy has re-energized my pessimistic romantic outlook. Roy is a third-generation psychic reader and medium with more than 20 years professional experience and an expert in her field. She does not have a cookie-cutter approach to readings — no cards or palms — but rather gives tangible advice based on each person’s unique circumstances. She has appeared in A&E’s Haunted Houses – Tortured Souls and Restless Spirits, the Travel Channel’s America’s Most Terrifying Places, ISPR’s New Orleans – Rich and Haunted, in an episode on the Today show with travel correspondent Peter Greenburg and celebrity parapsychologist Dr. Larry Montz, and in Creative Health & Spirit Film’s The Many Faces Of Psychic Ability.

Her upbeat and positive attitude toward love, along with her wealth of relationship knowledge, was reason enough to seek her advice.

For me, her real draw appeared when she predicted, with specific details, my future love life. Not to brag, but I have TWO handsome fellows coming into the picture, hopefully soon. I am to make a choice between these two suitors come September (in time for my sister’s wedding – score!). The one I will most likely choose is a tall, dark and handsome artistic type with curly hair and a quirky personality. She even predicted the sound of his name.

The simple notion that I may actually not die alone has already led to a decrease in chocolate consumption this week. I may even go to the gym (I mean, let’s not get ahead of ourselves). Kidding aside, it’s apparent that Roy’s own happiness lies in helping others find theirs. From my session with her, I came away with advice that will be burned in the back of my mind as I re-launch myself into the dating world.


1.    Don’t be a “victim of the dating world.”


Just ask my friends who are forced to listen to my endless “woe is me” rants. Instead, Roy suggests I focus on being a more “confident” dater and realize that success begins with myself as well as the energy I put out into the world.

2.    The idea of a “soul mate” is completely unrealistic.  


Roy explains that the idea that there remains ONE person for you puts far too much pressure on any relationship. “The concept of a soul mate speaks to women’s emotions, however women need to be rational when it comes to finding someone.” So it’s time to let go of that sappy “twin flame” notion that only happens in the movies.

3.    Be ware the perils of online dating.


Roy is no fan of online dating, explaining that “if you think about it, there’s not a lot of difference between online dating and” It’s as if online dating has turned courting into a commercialized commodity, which ultimately takes out all of the romance.

Instead, she suggests using sites like, in which you can meet people based on your similar interests. You’re still putting yourself out there, but in a much more organic way. Other great options include intramural sports, networking groups like the Youth Leadership Council, the Alliance Francaise, or, if all else fails, Roy advises, “I tell women to just go to Home Depot.”

I asked her about her thoughts on the app Tinder. Needless to say, she is NOT a fan. She thinks it’s shallow, mean, and only allows for absolute perfection. From unfortunate experience, I’d say I have to agree.

4.    Keep in mind that men and women do NOT think the same.


Men tend to compartmentalize areas of their life, including dating, whereas women are able to multi-task with a dozen balls in the air. So while I’m at work daydreaming about a hottie, if he’s also at work in the same situation, there is less of a chance he’s thinking about me because he is focused on one thing. However, Roy reassures that in the end we all have the same goal of being loved and that “men are just awkward when it comes to love.”

5.    “Always be optimistic when it comes to love. Love is not as hard to find. Love yourself and be lovable. Forget perfection.”


Happy Valentine’s Day!

 Katherine Peck, aka Ms. Match NOLA, writes about dating in New Orleans for NolaVie. Email her at 


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