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Super Bowl XLVIII: Why you want to watch

The official NFL Super Bowl XLVIII program

The official NFL Super Bowl XLVIII program

The New Orleans Saints, along with 29 other NFL teams, may be done with football for the 2013 season, but two teams are still in the running for the Lombardi trophy. The Seattle Seahawks will battle the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday, February 2, at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Even if you’re not a football fan (which, if you live in New Orleans, is only a remote possibility), you are likely to tune into the game. A record-breaking number of viewers (more than 111.3 million) are expected to watch the 2014 Super Bowl.

So why is there such an interest in this year’s contest?

It might be the fact that this is the first Super Bowl to be played in an outdoor venue in a cold weather location. Or, it could be that the Broncos and Seahawks, the two number one seeds entering the playoffs, have been front-runners since the beginning of the season, ensuring a highly anticipated matchup. Or, maybe it’s curiosity over whether Peyton Manning, the 37-year-old beloved hometown hero, can win a Super Bowl against Richard Sherman and company (a.k.a. the Legion of Boom).

While we would all prefer a Black & Gold Super Bowl, there are still few good reasons why New Orleanians should tune in this Sunday.

It’s an excuse to throw a party 

Football and appetizers go hand and hand and this Sunday will be the Super Bowl of snacking; Americans are expected to consume approximately 1.42 billion chicken wings alone. For a twist on this classic football snack, check out these 31 chicken wing recipes. And for an extra festive atmosphere, pair your food with a fun football-themed drink.

The commercials should provide added entertainment 

Even viewers who do not know the difference between a first and fourth down can appreciate a commercial featuring a wise-cracking baby or a pint-sized Darth Vader. The audacious amount of money shelled out for each Super Bowl ad ($4 million per 30-second spot) should guarantee at least a few memorable moments that people will be discussing at the water cooler on Monday.

The media hype will finally be over 

Personally, I’m sick of the endless articles and updates about how Peyton Manning is trying to cement his legacy with a second Super Bowl victory, or that Marshawn Lynch once again refused to talk to the media. I don’t blame Lynch after perusing some of the questions asked of players this week. For instance, one reporter asked Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, “What advice would you give Justin Bieber?” How is that question in any way relevant? But the absolute worst was the following question posed to Broncos linebacker Shaun Phillips: “Do you consider this a ‘must-win’ game?” Seriously?! I’m sure he really had to think about that one. How do these people get media passes? Can we please stop with the insanity and hyperbole and let these players determine who is the best on the field? Enough said.

Roger Goodell will be watching the game with the regular folk in the outdoor elements

While temperatures are not expected to drop as low as originally anticipated, Who Dats can still relish the fact that the NFL Commissioner will be braving the cold for the entire game. While we sit in our warm living rooms and dine on our football-themed apps and beverages, he will be outside in the frigid weather for four-plus hours. It might not make up for the suspensions of the 2012 season, but it gives Saints fans a small bit of satisfaction.

It’s the last chance to watch an NFL game this season

The Super Bowl is always bittersweet because it’s a chance to watch one more game of pro football (and laugh at the overly-choreographed halftime act). But it also means that another NFL season has come to an end. So enjoy it while it lasts and start marking down the days until the 2014 regular season kickoff.


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