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Instajournal: It’s a sign

I’m not the first to ask this; I won’t be the last: What is up with the signs in this city? Where other cities’ signs err towards informative, ours are, well… what are they? Eccentric. Baffling. Bizarre. Love them or hate them, you have to admit — there is something markedly New Orleans about our city’s signs.

Here’s a brief snap shot of what’s happening in the world of unique New Orleans signage right now.



But what I want to know is: Does the apartment come with pool access?


An unfortunate marketing strategy when you’re working with a city whose signature fragrance is often comprised of ripe trash, loose sewage, and mystery liquids trickling down the Quarter’s streets.

sign 5

Keeping our bumper enhancement sophisticated with this classy Pokémon art, sponsored by Sharpie.

sign1 Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Warmest Kwanza Wishes… Peace Y’all? Looks like Yoko Ono and Paula Deen have a side gig.



Had they not acknowledged solstice with the snowflake sign, this installation could have been really awkward.

But then there are the occasional instances when NOLA nails the signage…


Yeah, it’s the Who Dat holidays!


Well done, NOLA; well done.

What are some of your favorite signs in New Orleans. Funny, strange, beautiful, quirky — send us images of your favorites, and you may see them posted on our site.

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