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VIDEO: “Wasted on the Young”

Earlier this month, Cinema Reset had an original idea: Why not have an open mic night, for filmmakers? It was a ‘lightbulb’/’duh’ type of a moment, which led to the “Open Screen” event that took place at Hey Cafe. Mediamakers of all shapes and sizes showed up with short video pieces, and a few of them offered to share their work and experiences with NolaVie. Not everyone can make it out (or squeeze into) the event at Hey Cafe, but these are all emerging mediamakers who are making local stories, and we think they’re worth checkin’ out. Here’s one:


Marlina Martinovic

WHO: Milena Martinovic, 31

HOMETOWN: Bellgrade, Serbia

WHAT: “Wasted on the Young” (presented during the November 15th Open Screen, New Orleans)

IN HER WORDS: “I made ‘Wasted’ because I’ve always been into skater culture and spent my teens skating and snowboarding. The film was made for Timecode NOLA’s ‘Humidity’ project, which is a compilation of 20 or so 5-minute shorts about humidity in New Orleans.

“Humidity is a skate shop in the Quarter, so I put the two and two in my head and decided to follow these young skaters and essentially make a day in the life, ‘Kids’ like, but with lighter undertones. I’m currently starting to work on a music video. I follow most of the skaters on Instagram and see what they’re up to. One of them moved to Texas right after we shot the film; the others are still in town skating around, hanging out, going to school, tryin to get into trouble. The’re all really cool kids.”


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