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Instajournal: Voodoo Experience — what worked, what didn’t

Since it’s a Voodoo Experience, not a fest, it only makes sense that the Experience is not without its mix of successes (for instance, the structural aesthetics) and glitches (for instance, two rather portly bull dogs managing to sneak past security — in matching glow leashes. Yes, those exist). The hits; the misses — I guess it’s all a port of the Experience.

What worked: All of the rides.


What didn’t: Dinner on all of the rides.

What worked: The structural set up.


What didn’t: The trash can set up.

What worked: The weather.


What didn’t: Poncho sales.

What worked: The pitch — fried green tomatoes, shrimp, and grits.


What didn’t: The product — “Cup O’Cream.”

What worked: The butter and cheese.


What didn’t: The rubber vehicles for the butter and cheese.

What worked: Backpacks.


What didn’t: Pokèmon backpacks.

What worked: This magical privacy blanket.


What didn’t: The person under the magical privacy blanket.

What worked: Leashes.


What didn’t: Voodoo’s “no pets’ policy.

What worked: ‘Security.”


What didn’t: Security.

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