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Voodoo Festival Video Playlist: SUNDAY LINEUP

Yesterday brought you Saturday’s Lineup, the day before that brought you Friday’s lineup, and today we close out with a video playlist that highlights some of the must-see bands for Sunday, the last day of the Voodoo Experience. All recommended songs are in the YouTube video player, so listen up and re-configure your Fall cubes:

1.Big History

As every one of these playlists has kicked off, we begin au local. Contemporary New Orleans pop can be hard to come by, but this six-piece band takes old and new sounds to make a fresh mix of accessible, interesting music. These guys are really something to keep in your back pocket, because they miraculously achieve listenability at any time of day, no matter the mood. Try “All At Once” — and follow up with their stint on the Carnival Stage at 11:30 AM.

2. G-Eazy

Keepin’ it local, G-Eazy is one of the oh-so-few hip hop presences at this year’s fest. Other years have seen Drake and Wayne, and only four years ago Eminem headlined Voodoo. But it seems as the electronic pulse swells, the rap beat slowly ebbs, and only a few make the cut. G-Eazy loves to sample songs like no other, with recognizable riffs and catchy hooks, like “All I Could Do” — he’s got newer stuff, too, which you’re sure to hear at 2 PM on the Ritual Stage.

3. Matt & Kim

It’s Brooklyn’s favorite dance punk duet; with a simple blend of vocals, keys (Matt), drums (Kim), and Chuck Taylors ( Matt & Kim), the duo makes music that is both harsh and sweet. As one feels pressure to do in the industry, the band has increased its production game over time, fleshing out its sound and going bigger than two bodies can achieve alone. And it’s done wonders — they’re on commericals and TV shows, every band’s dream (teardrop). But they haven’t forgotten their roots, nor the vibes they sent out in the early days, with tracks like “Verbs Before Nouns.” Here’s hoping to a throwback set at 3:30 PM on the Ritual Stage.

4. Moon Taxi

You can’t have a music festival without some Nashville representation. Enter Moon Taxi, Indie progressives who can plug in and rock or pull out the upright and hold their own anywhere … even in a gondola. This video proves that no one needs a big stage or bright lights to put on a show, as the band ascends and plays an acoustic version on its own “Running Wild.” But they will be on a big (Carnival) stage under bright lights at 5:30 PM.

5. Bassnectar

It’s gonna be a war between a post-modern Electronic meltdown and timeless New Orleans tradition when the sun goes down and the last bands have their say. At 7:30 PM on Le Plur stage, the long-haired Bassnectar will thrash his locks in the wind and play original anthems as well as popular remixes (like Ellie Goulding’s ‘Lights’), paying no disrespect to what’s happening next door …

6. Dr John

Another long-haired man (not to be confused with Professor Longhair) will be on stage with an intimidating entourage of local talent: George Porter, Ivan Neville, Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, and Topsy Chapman are just the beginning of a list of players in the Dr.’s Night Tripper Game. Let’s revisit “Where Y’at Mule,” to get in the mood for an unbelievable closing act of the 2013 Voodoo Experience.

Listen to all the songs:


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