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Their Name is Fun. Really.

Fun. at Champions Square

Fun. at Champions Square

Their name is Fun. And they are.

I was introduced to their music the same way I’m introduced to most music these days: by my 15-year-old nephew.

As far as he was concerned, they were no Vampire Weekend, but they were much more talented than any of the bands I was probably listening to. I never have been a fan of vampires (I’ve never watched True Blood and refuse to watch Twilight), but I have always been a huge proponent of fun. If this group could live up to their name, I was interested.

When I first heard their No. 1 hit single We Are Young, I was definitely captured by the music … but could I really relate to the words? I was dangerously close to 30 when that song debuted and was feeling anything but young. In fact, I related far more closely to a parody video that became popular on YouTube, We’re Not Young: I do need health insurance, I have no money, and I did start a blog. I would also rather stay home and watch Modern Family, then do just about anything else.

Then I realized that the members of Fun aren’t teenage pop stars. They are my age, and they didn’t really start “setting the world on fire” until they were 30. This being young thing was a mindset. Deep breath; I still have time.

Now that the band has three chart-topping hits and a Grammy for best new artist, I was expecting the concert Thursday night at Champions Square (which was rescheduled from October 5, aka the day Hurricane Karen didn’t happen) to bring in a similar crowd to the one I saw during Jazz Fest at Maroon 5 (a swarm of teenage girls who really couldn’t appreciate the depth of the lyrics, just the good looks of front man Adam Levine). I was pleasantly surprised that my expectations were dead wrong.

As I looked around the crowd at my fellow 30-somethings, it gave me hope to see us belting out all the words to We are Young. Because we are young. And they are fun. Emphasis on the period (it’s Fun.), but I’d probably give them an exclamation point for bringing Rebirth out on stage with them, because that is how you close a show (and their tour) in New Orleans.

So, to recap. Here’s Fun. with We Are Young:

And Yahoo! Sketchy’s spoof, We’re Not Young:


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