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Six questions to ask on a first date in New Orleans

First dates often instill panic and fear among the single crowd. Everyone experiences at some point or another those unavoidable awkward silences and uncomfortable inner monologues, like “Where do I put my hands? Do they always swing this much when I walk?”


But first dates can also be downright fun, particularly with great food, great wine, and even greater conversation. Ms. Match NOLA gets you started with these six questions to ask on a first date in New Orleans.

1. What are you planning to be for Halloween this year?


If they scoff at your investment in this glorious holiday that we elevate to divine heights in New Orleans, then proceed with caution. Or better yet, ditch the lamo for failing to answer this pivotal question with nothing but enthusiasm.

And who knows, maybe your conversation will lead to a creative couples costume.

FYI: I’m dressing as Daenerys Targaryon from Game of Thrones this year, for any of you Khal Dragos out there …


2. What’s your favorite dive restaurant? And what’s your favorite restaurant for special occasions?


If you both agree on where to grab the best po-boy in town (are you a Domilisa’s girl or a Park Tavern belle?), then perhaps you two love birds will wind up on a second date at this joint. Or better yet, subtly hint at how you’ve never been to a certain fine-dining locale, like trendy Restaurant R’evolution, and maybe your date will shell out the big bucks.


3. What’s your favorite TV show?


Some of us are in a serious relationship with Netflix.


4. What’s your favorite New Orleans neighborhood?


Is he a hipster in the Marigny, a foodie in the French Quarter, or a Southern gent livin’ it up on St. Charles Avenue?


5. What’s your favorite New Orleans festival?

There are literally so many to choose from. This question will give you time to avoid awkward silences in the near future.


6. Where were you when the Saints won the Superbowl?


Now that they’re 5-0, the Saints are bound to come up in conversation. Don’t fight it; let the conversation flow as the two of you relive that magic moment in 2010. And if he says, “What onside kick?”, the romance is over.




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