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Theater Musings: Land of abundance

There is nothing like leaving New Orleans to make you appreciate our unmatched array of choice.

We recently returned from a series of trips designed to put NOLA summer and hurricane season at bay: Connecticut; Lake Michigan shores; Marfa, Texas; Taos. The trip was choc a block full of memory makers, including different styles of sunsets, excellent dining, breath-taking landscapes (of the woods, water and mountain desert variety), galleries, museums, fashion, outdoor fun and fresh cool air.

However, as soon as we crossed the I-10 Causeway, I had to acknowledge a voracious appetite that had been building up in me for days … for live theater. As soon as possible, I began a feeding frenzy to see as much as possible, including the absolutely excellent final production of “33 Variations,” a Southern Rep production at the CAC (a play that starred Jane Fonda on Broadway in 2009 and was nominated for five Tony’s); and the final production of the popular, powerful original New Orleans play about the demise of the daily Times-Picayune, “A Truckload of Ink” (written by veteran ranter playwright Jim Fitzmorris.)

It is overdramatic to say that I cried into my sauvignon blanc at what I was missing in local theatere over the last seven weeks … isn’t it? But here’s the thing: There are many wonderful places to experience in these vast, wonderful 50 United States, but there are few outside NYC or Chicago where theater dorks like me can truly be happy.

As with all things in art and culture, I may not see everything, but it is comforting to know it is available in New Orleans. And that’s my report on “what I did — and didn’t get to do — this summer.”

Barbara Motley writes about New Orleans theater for NolaVie.


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