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Fruit-FliesWell, this one was a doozy. Somehow, what started as a simple guide to pest control turned into an epic 13-panel allegory involving fruit flies. But an allegory for what? Lots of things, I suppose; you can probably figure it out.

I learned a lot writing this comic, mostly just that flies are really easy to draw and “entrepreneurial” is a really difficult word to spell. Oh, poor entrepreneurial fly; the little guy just wanted to make a quick buck, but learned the hard way that owning a bar is a liability minefield. I heard his wife left him shortly after The Bottle shut down, took all 1,742 kids with her, too. What a shame.

Anywho, for those interested, the ol’ almost-empty bottle of wine trick really does work with fruit flies (who fly into the bottle for some fermented goodness but can’t fly back out). Whether they legitimately can’t find the exit or are simply too wasted to leave, the world may never know. So if your only sanctuary from the summer heat is overrun by these grody little guys, give steps 1-3 a shot.

Worst case, it’s a good excuse to kick back a bottle with some friends, a significant other, or anyone who just really hates fruit flies, but loves wine.


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