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UNO documentary: Dennis Bagneris and Liberty’s Kitchen

Who: Dennis Bagneris, Program Manager of Liberty’s Kitchen, the non-profit establishment’s espresso bar and full-service kitchen not only deliver from-scratch meals, but also teach barista and culinary skills to the city’s under-served youth.

Film by: UNO student and filmmaker Tyler Mott

Editor’s Note: NolaVie partners with students of UNO professor László Zsolt Fülöppairing them with artists, non-profits, environmental groups, and cultural entities to facilitate a live curriculum that results in a short documentary. In this short doc, “Liberty’s Kitchen,” UNO film student Tyler Mott talks with Program Manager Dennis Bagneris about what they do, how they do it, and what they accomplish in the red raised cottage at 422 1/2 South Broad Street.

The Film and Theatre Department of UNO and NolaVie present this series of short films produced by the students in Laszlo Fulop’s documentary class. Read Renee Peck’s column about the program here.


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