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Cycling in the Crescent City: Request for public input

During the last few weeks the opportunity for public input, or lack thereof, relating to various redevelopment projects and the incorporation of new bicycle infrastructure in our community has been a topic at the forefront of discussion.

As more and more New Orleanians decide to take advantage of how incredibly bike-able the city is, the relationship local cyclists and motorists have with the existing infrastructure we share seems to be an area of moderate confusion at best and great contention at worst.

Cycling, in general, is an area of moderate confusion and, occasionally, great contention – a fact that is not lost on my wonderful co-contributors at NolaVie. When it comes time to share the cycling news of the week, a round table discussion on local cycling almost inevitably ensues.

Topics range from suggestions on fresh, pertinent subjects worthy of coverage to, unfortunately, veritable “not top 10” lists of the most bizarre/wacky/utterly senseless rules of the road violations from the previous week. The very announcement of this bicycle beat sparked an inquiry about the oft-misunderstood Sharrow that gave me my first column idea.

It is obvious that cycling, especially as a form of transportation, is becoming more mainstream in the United States. As it does so, New Orleans continues to address the growth in popularity by implementing much needed “Complete Streets” and parkways such as the Lafitte Greenway. But there is clearly a lot to talk about as a community – a lot of questions and a lot of opinions – with regard to cycling.

With the above in mind, we at NolaVie would like to open a forum for civil discussion and public input on cycling in the Crescent City and all things related thereto. If you have questions, conundrums, quandaries, comments, concerns, complaints or suggestions on anything else you think we should know about or that you would like to see covered, please email


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