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Local public relations firm puts unique spin on networking

Bats on Strings founder Tiffany Napper dreamt of an evening where friends, clients, tastemakers, bloggers, filmmakers and artists could gather ’round a fire, share in a gourmet dinner, and get to know one another.

What evolved was the Bats on Strings Fall Feast, where NOLA Brewing beer and Catdaddy Moonshine was plentiful, pork tenderloin and ribs were served up on the grill by Your Nutrition Delivered chef Aaron Goldberg, and apple pies, green bean casseroles, and macaroni salads were devoured plate by plate.

“No other city knows like New Orleans that the food will bring the minds together,” said Napper. “This event started because I wanted to host a party and introduce some of the wonderful people in my life to one another. It was meant to be a gathering where everyone is more a friend of a friend than a stranger.”

The Fall Feast was a way to take the conversation out of an email or a status update, Napper said, and into the real word, but in a way that didn’t feel forced or fake. Somewhere amidst the cool fall breeze, stories were shared and new connections were made.

Local fire dancer Cat Landrum and a vintage photo booth provided entertainment after the sun went down, along with some acoustic performances by attendees and an impromptu hula hoop contest underneath the twinkling lights.

This momentary departure from computer and cell phone screens allowed for real relationships to be fostered, kindled, and created in person, although online interaction was encouraged, with hashtag signs posted upon entry for sharing photographs and finding one another in the social media sphere long after the fire burnt out.

Enjoy the photographs of the occasion by Jana Powers:

Brian Friedman writes about New Orleans for NolaVie.


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