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Movie buff wants to give the Joy a Tugg

For those unaware, New Orleans’ very first Tugg movie screening took place recently on a Thursday night at The Theatres at Canal Place. allows users to plan local movie screenings.

Tugg is a website that allows moviegoers to pick a movie to be shown at a local venue and set up the event – if enough people pledge to show up by reserving tickets online, it happens! Through this service, a local New Orleanian film enthusiast was able to curate the classic “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” for a very appreciative audience.

I decided I needed to get on board with this…

After registering with the site, I was asked by a representative what theater in my area I was interested in. I thought of a few: The Prytania, Chalmette Movies, Zeitgeist, even The Alamo Underground. I feel pretty confident that any of these venues could play host. Shortly after responding to the rep, however, I realized I had forgotten one very important location – The Joy.

Ever since reopening last year, The Joy has mostly been used as a music venue. It is currently set up for a multitude of performances, but has yet to screen a movie. This is unfortunate, especially considering the theater’s past as one of Canal Street’s premiere movie houses. We could be having Hollywood South Gala Events or even fun midnight screenings. How come a movie has yet to be booked?

I don’t have an answer to that, but I can solve the problem: Let’s set up a Tugg screening.

Why not? I know for a fact that there are people who can’t wait to catch a flick at The Joy at least one more time.

Tugg offers a library of films with something for everybody – from classics to independents — so an event shouldn’t have a problem getting enough people to attend. And, jumpstarting a movie screening ourselves might just be the best way to return the cinema to The Joy.

So, who will set one up at The Joy? Will I? Will you?

Bill Arceneaux is a local writer who submitted this article to NolaVie.


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