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Crescent City (Mis)Connection: Feeling thankful, but not giving this holiday season

There’s something about the holidays that always makes people want to be in a relationship. Maybe it’s the combination of cold weather, mistletoe, family gatherings, feeling of giving, and even the Christmas music – all of a sudden there’s romance in the air. And, it’s almost as if Christmas time is my opportunity to stock up on all of my dates for the year, much like a bear does with food before hibernation, because once summer comes back around, there is an unavoidable dating drought.

Like clockwork, it seems that every single year, the holidays turn into a very long, and extended, round of speed dating. However, even with the consistent circulation of dates and holiday parties, I still seem to be “single” at all the events and the family dinners.

Before I know it, it’s Christmas Eve. I find myself simultaneously texting all five of my “dates” from the past month, and yet still feel dumbfounded when my family members ask me if I’m seeing someone or why I haven’t found anyone to settle down with yet. After years of enduring this vicious cycle, I have learned to find the beauty in being single during the holidays.

In honor of the season, I have written a list of reasons of why sometimes I am thankful to not be in a relationship during the holidays.

1. I have no one to judge me for being sloth-like on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving might be one of the best holidays ever. You get to eat like a ravenous coyote, then sit on the couch and watch football with periodic naps in between. All the while, you still feel like you’ve accomplished something because you’ve managed to clean three plates of food, and stand being around your family all day without murdering any of them.

The great part about being single is that you can continue your tradition without dragging along your unsuspecting victim to witness the gluttony, nor do you have to entertain anyone between all your multi-tasking. And as an added bonus, you’re not being dragged to multiple Thanksgiving dinners where you ultimately have to charm your way into some other family’s hearts. It really is too much responsibility to take on in one day.

2. Holiday parties = opportunities to find new dates.

Whether you’re going stag to one of your own parties or going as a date, you never know what kind of potential New Year’s dates you’ll find at all these holiday parties. If you’re going to a party as a date, you have the opportunity to network with a whole new group of potentials. If you’re alone, there’s always a chance to get caught under the mistletoe with a crush after one too many glasses of eggnog. Either way, being single at a holiday party is a win-win situation.

3. While my coupled friends have to spend $300 on an Xbox, I can spend it on shoes.

I always feel that my friends are in competition to buy their boyfriends or husbands the best gift around. While I think that’s admirable and adorable, I don’t have the added stress of shopping for yet another person on my list. And my being single should by no means keep me from getting a nice piece of jewelry for the holidays, so who says I can’t pick out a gift for myself instead? Those new shoes and those killer earrings I’ve been eyeing, I can gift to myself instead of spending it on someone else’s video game habit.

4. Christmas movies on repeat. Forever.

I am a diehard fan of Christmas movies. Starting in November, I begin watching Christmas Vacation, Elf, and all the Christmas specials on ABC family. On repeat. I can do it, and no one has to judge me for it.

5. Winter is not sexy.

While I’m watching my Christmas specials, I also like to bundle up like the abominable snowman with my Saints slippers, flannel PJs, and big pink robe. It’s terribly unsexy, but incredibly comfortable. No boy should ever witness this, and I will carry on with this this tradition for as long as I can hold on to it.

Pookie Lola writes Crescent City (Mis)Connections weekly for NolaVie.


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