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STS9’s triumphant return to NOLA

STS9 @ House of Blues New Orleans || 11/3/2011 || Photo © Wesley Hodges

STS9’s evolution is never complete, and although in the past few years they’ve gone in directions that weren’t to my particular liking, they were able to acquire a massive, more diverse fan base and introduce their sounds to hordes of new fans who otherwise probably would’ve missed the boat on this band.

From my now more casual fan perspective, it seems that in 2011, the band is taking a holistic approach to its entire catalog — at least judging from their performance at the House of Blues here last night. The new sound elevates STS9’s career output to a more modern, experienced output than when the songs were created (an observation that should apply to any veteran band, but often doesn’t when complacency sets in).

STS9 @ House of Blues New Orleans || 11/3/2011 || Photo © Wesley Hodges

The current sound seems more intricate and focused on the music itself, evidenced from the get-go on the hyper-sped “Evasive,” and the relatively-stripped down, but still perfectly timed visual display (sans LED, which can often be distracting). The canyon-esque lunar grooves such as “Move My Peeps” are still being built in the organic fashion that this live force was founded on.

STS9’s hi-fi wizardry is at once boundless and contained. Their deftness at weaving multilayered sonics through harmonious electronic tones, all while surging across drummer Zach Velmer’s airtight rhythmic landscapes, produces a complex tapestry of sound you can’t find elsewhere on the electronic scene. It was great to see an old favorite still completely captivate the audience, delivering a classy, semi-old school set.

STS9 will be performing once again this evening at the House of Blues to cap the two-night stop in the Big Easy.

STS9 – House of Blues, New Orleans, LA – November 3, 2011 – Set List

Set I:
ReEmergence > EB > Evasive Manuevers > ReEmergence, Inspire Strikes Back, Arigato, Circus, Move My Peeps, Aimlessly

Set II:
Really Wut? > Rent, Golden Gate, Orbital, What Is Love?, Simulator, Atlas, EHM

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ReMergence and Inspire Strikes Back

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