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INCUBATE, and why you should come to this event

In the press release for INCUBATE, I wrote: “INCUBATE is a soap box for home-grown creations and ideas – be they curatorial, poetic, architectural, philosophical. . . .”

But this, my gut tells me, was a premature statement – too definite for an event that hasn’t taken place. In fact, it seems false for me to articulate anything of what ‘INCUBATE’ is, beyond saying that it is on Sunday, 7:30PM,  at Fair Folks and a Goat. I can also affirm, with the most definite of key board strokes, that ALL THE LETTERS OF “INCUBATE” MUST APPEAR CAPITALIZED!

I also feel confident in a slew of other things, but only things that INCUBATE is most definitely NOT – like a Chimpanzee, for one, and a Lemur, for another. And also a smiling infant. And also the hairline of the infant, which seems to be receding in the way of my balding roommate Taylor’s. INCUBATE is definitely not Taylor’s receding hairline, nor any receding hairline – except perhaps for the hairlines of those who come Sunday.  INCUBATE is also definitely not a joke… but… INCUBATE is certainly not a stern warning either, nor is INCUBATE a statement at all. Or anything like a statement – like a manifesto, or an art work, or even an idea. But maybe INCUBATE will have some art to show, and I do believe a few art shows are planned to be shown, perhaps so to reason their reasons for being shown. At the same time, INCUBATE itself is without reason… but I do hope INCUBATE will be filled with reasons, even though reasoning the reasonless INCUBATE would be to reason a reason of which I believe has no reason being reasoned at all.

Anyway, you are invited to come Sunday to (at the very least) reason that which I cannot.

Presentations (may) include:

  • Post/Medium, an online content management system and social network created by artists for artists, presented by Post/Medium’s founders, Erik Kiesewetter and Rami Sharkey.
  • The T-Lot November Exhibition. Georgia Kennedy and Hannah Chalew, members of the St. Claude arts studio and installation space, T-Lot, announcing plans for a large scale art exhibition to open in November.
  • The Biggest Collaboration of All Time, a multimedia piece involving many types of artists that intend on showcasing the magic and magical citizens of the city, presented by artist Francis Wong.
  • Caskey Miller, painter and Tulane Business School student, presenting his idea for a system that showcases relatively unknown artists in order to develop, nurture, and relay the story that a piece of art represents.
  • A poetic journey by Erik Vande Stouwe, as he pulls a thread from the modern poetic canon to see where it can take him in ten minutes.
  • Beauty of the Backside, a cinematic exploration of  the ‘Backside’ at the Fairgrounds racecourse, presented by me.
  • A Tale of Today: An Oratorial Storytelling Series. Mike Martin will present a way to bring the intricate and unbelievable stories of New Orleanians to a wider audience in a public setting.
  • Shallow Projects, a series of architectural concepts exploring New Orleans’ relationship to water, presented by Andy Sternad and John Kleinschmidt of Drip.

Hope to see you there. The facebook event page is:


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