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Love Letters from Nola, an image gallery

Here’s a selection from Nessim Higson’s project, “Love Letters from New Orleans.”

Nessim is the designer behind the IAAH (I Am Always Hungry) design studio. He describes himself as: “An advocate for the convergence of mediums. Detester of the word mundane. Sucker for for French films. Influenced by Robert Rauschenberg, Tibor Kalman and John Heartfield. Endorsed by no one. 1/2 Limey and raised in a place known as the ‘Big Easy.’ […]”

“Love Letters from New Orleans” faithfully conjures our somewhat dirty, often violent, and truly original city streets. But, why yellow? …I’ll let the question be answered with this page of his website.



This article was created by Blake Bertuccelli. Blake lives in the Irish Channel, and regularly posts creative content for NolaVie.


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